Athens Special Envoy denounced for insulting Tsipras

The LOI calls for the journalist to be replaced by one of the excellent professional TVE. | Photo: TVE

The agency believes that the journalist, Susana Burgos, special envoy to Greece “has been disabled from an ethical point of view” to report on Greece

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The Cdl calls for the journalist to be replaced by “one of the excellent professional” TVE. In that document, the Council considered the tweets of Susana Burgos as “objectionable and inappropriate” and that they “take sides on an issue which will report”, thus calling into question its objectivity.


I am about to propose totsipras_eu who tweeted in Greek rather than in English so that we learn not the nonsense he says.- Susana Burgos (burgosusana) June 28, 2015
The next day, three more tweets glimpsed their partisanship in the Greek conflict with the troika and its position in favor of the ‘yes’ in the referendum on Sunday July 5th.

Listening to the best, every time I see more plausible the creation of a government of concentration for Greece to end this nonsense.- Susana Burgos (burgosusana) June 29, 2015

Hopefully the Greeks choose death rather than scare. (With or without referendum …)

– Susana Burgos (burgosusana) June 29, 2015

Attention, question: how are European parties with Syriza? We can, of Le Pen’s FN and few more http: // / VQHmKRrbCN Via @ reuters

– Susana Burgos (burgosusana) June 29, 2015

On June 30, journalist of public state television spoke through the social network about Juncker’s latest offer to Greece and have called for “patience” with “Tsipras & co.”

By efforts that it is not. Patience must be taken with Tsipras & co …. http: // / Noecy4HZNr

– Susana Burgos (burgosusana) June 30, 2015

CDI also insists that these tweets are “inappropriate expressions verging on insult to the prime minister of Greece.”

Then the textual statement of the Council of the TVE:
The Council of the TVE defend freedom of expression of all professionals it represents in their legitimate use of social networks, without compromising the required neutrality and image of independence of Information Services.Therefore considers objectionable and inappropriate the “tweets” issued by the Special Envoy of TVE to Athens in which not only takes a stand on an issue on which it will inform, but also does so with inappropriate expressions verging on insulting the head government of Greece. Therefore, the CDI, in fulfillment of its functions under Article 24.2. of Law 17/2006 of the Radio and Television to the State, that in paragraph “b” must reads “To promote editorial independence of RTVE, according to the provisions of the General audiovisual legislation and this Act with regard to its public service functions, “believes that this person (recently hired to form a true” parallel wording “that is pushing to experienced professionals and renowned) has been disqualified from a view point of ethics for reporting on the situation in Greece. Consequently, the Council claims that the TVE is replaced by one of the great professionals that make writing TVE news services in the recent past have given ample proof of its ability to inform the service of citizens.July 3, 2015