UN calls on Liberia to be vigilant for Ebola outbreak

Ebola outbreak in Liberia turns alarms on the African continent | Photo: EFE

Peter Graff, head of the mission activated in September last year, said that the return of the disease shows its danger and the importance of being rigorous in testing and diagnostics.

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Graff recognized the rapid reaction of the government, revived the monitoring mechanism. After the country was declared Ebola free on May 9, the Liberian authorities have found three new cases. Only six weeks passed with no reports of infections.

FACT: From the outbreak of the disease in Liberia, the World Health Organization today held an emergency forum to assess the situation.
Although far from the levels of transmission shown in 2014, Ebola continues as a serious health threat, to which the Unmeer recalls the need to trace the contacts of new cases, ensuring safe burial and not stigmatize the affected nations.Be sure to read: Cuban doctors against Ebola nominated for the Nobel Peace
BACKGROUND: In December 2013 the outbreak of the deadly virus is unleashed, with particular impact in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, where the vast majority of those killed and more than 27 thousand cases are concentrated.