Daily Archives: 1 julio, 2015

President Cristina Fernandez Argentine scientists rewards


The president presented the Houssay Houssay path and Jorge Sabato awards. During the award he said he wants to “know that Argentine scientists, give them value the men and women who have studied abroad.”

UN says humanitarian emergency in Yemen


The crisis in Yemen is daunting, more than 21.1 million Yemenis need of humanitarian assistance, ie 80% of the population, 13 million suffer from food shortages and 9, 4 million have limited access to water, said UN

Minute by Minute: Do not miss De Chile! only by teleSUR


Did you miss an episode? teleSUR brings you all the chapters of your program De Chile! so that you find out all the details of this America’s Cup 2015. Journalists Victor Hugo Morales and Matias Canillán you have an entertaining analysis of each party.

Granada recover their coral reefs


Authorities in the Caribbean country and the United Nations will seek to recover the coral reefs, which are crucial for the development of the economy.

30 reported dead in China floods


Heavy rains have affected more than 160 locations in the central province of Henan (central China).

Israel obstructs passage of Palestinians to the Gaza Strip


The Israeli regime prevented Wednesday that hundreds of Palestinians from entering the Gaza Strip.

Ecuador: Victims of guarimbas give their testimony in Venezuela


At a press conference Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, together with representatives of the Committee of Victims of Guarimba and Continued Coup in Venezuela, says the similarity with what is happening in Ecuador.

USA published military strategy to “counter” to Russia


The document issued by the Pentagon stressed that the US Army “Must ensure a full repertoire of military options to respond to revisionist states.”

Caricom discussed at annual summit in the Dominican immigration issue


The three-day conference will be held in Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, and is expected that the heads of state of the 15 member countries also discussed the request for compensation for years of slavery and the logistics of the main cultural event of Caricom, Carifiesta.

Chronology: Relations between Cuba and the US


In December 2014, Cuba and the United States decided to initiate a process to restore diplomatic relations; They announced Wednesday that will open their respective embassies embassies on July 20. Do not let see how relations have led these countries in the past 56 years, after the US trade embargo He imposed on Cuba.