Venezuela and China increase strategic cooperation

The meetings of this meeting will be extended for three days to review projects of interest involving the Great Mission Housing Venezuela. | Photo: teleSUR

Vice President for Planning and Knowledge Venezuelan Ricardo Menendez said he is performing the IV Technical Secretariat of the Joint Commission Venezuela-China high level in order to strengthen the development of the nation in areas such as technology, industry, oil, telecommunications, education (with the provision of computers Canaimitas) and other projects of interest, as well as submarine cable system to link with other regions.

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From the Antonio Jose de Sucre of the Yellow House, headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Caracas, lounge politician explained that the meetings will run for three days, as the commission will assess the progress of projects being implemented within the economic agreements for planning an agenda of binational work of 10 years.

Infrastructure Mission Barrio Nuevo Tricolor-Asian collaboration with
For its part, the correspondent of Telesur in Caracas, Theophilus Griffin noted that in the plans that this meeting China-Venezuela this Monday afternoon, will review all matters relating to transport and urban renewal of the Mission Neighborhood Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor, so visit strategic corridors of this program in several parts of the city, where they have received many machines and equipment for earthworks and buildings, from the Asian country.

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Since 2001, when the Commander Hugo Chavez opened the way business partnership with China, has made significant progress in important sectors such as automotive, education, construction, agricultural and implementation of plans for the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo-Tricolor and Housing Venezuela .

Since the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela shook relations with China and bilateral cooperation agreements multiplied compared to those established during the governments of right. Until January 2015 they were signed more than 500 agreements.

Since 2007, when the creation of Chinese Venezuelan Joint Fund agreed, they have multiplied the infrastructure, mining, agriculture, petroleum and petrochemicals. China initially bring the bottom four billion dollars that Venezuela would pay with oil. The fund has been replenished several times by the success of the work. In 2010, a credit line of 20 billion dollars of additional spread.Until September 2014, the Chinese Venezuelan Joint Fund permitted the funding of at least 220 major projects in various areas. Among the projects include the Agroindustrial Commune Valles del Tuy in Miranda state (north-central).

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