Cuba congratulates doctors who treated Ebola in West Africa

The Cuban vice president highlighted the humanist character of the doctors | Photo:

The Government of Cuba on Sunday congratulated the doctors in the country who came to West Africa to provide support and expertise to the fight against Ebola.

“We welcome many feelings, satisfaction, humanism, patriotism and pride generated by what you have done in these lands are mixed sisters,” said the vice president, Mercedes Lopez.

Similarly highlighted the selfless act of “Saving lives, even at the cost of sacrifice of self.” In turn thanked humanitarian “gesture” that met the specialists in recent months.

This is the first official recognition that receives the group of doctors who visited West Africa to work against Ebola epidemic. Last week returned to the island the second group of doctors.The Henry Reeve contingent, comprising more than 200 experts was distributed between Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia to bring their knowledge to eradicate the countries affected by Ebola virus.

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In context:
According to the latest report presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) epidemic in West Africa has caused the death of nine thousand 152 people; while the number of infected amounted to 22 thousand 828 people.
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