Eight dead after attack in Tunisia Bardo Museum

Members of the Security Force Tunisia remain deployed in the vicinity of the National Museum of Bardo. | Photo: EFE

At least seven tourists and a Tunisian were killed Wednesday in an attempt to assault Parliament of Tunisia, state television reported that country.

“There are eight people dead. A Tunisian national and seven tourists from different nationalities,” confirmed the Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Aroui, quoted by EFE.

Three heavily armed men dressed in military took refuge in the Bardo National Museum in Tunisia and took hostage several tourists, after a shootout.

Agents guarding the Parliament noted that the soldiers were carrying illegal weapons and to ask them to stop, the confrontation began.Read also: Investigate alleged aides responsible for bombing in Paris
By the time of the incident there were more than 200 visitors in the museum, of which 160 were able to escape through the rear doors. Remain in place 20 or 30 tourists, the Ministry of Interior.

Security Forces explained that one of the alleged attackers, a student aged 22, was arrested and the rest of the attackers remain at the museum.

Both deputies and others who were inside the Parliament were evacuated to one room, while security forces and the army launched a high alert device.