Suman 18 children died from diarrhea west of Colombia

Children have died from contaminated river water. | Photo: Archive

Three months have passed at least 20 children under five in the department of Chocó (west) of Colombia, by consuming contaminated water and its inhabitants consider access to safe drinking water is a luxury.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that children, inhabitants of towns like Riosucio, Bagadó, Tado and Carmen de Atrato, where the most critical situations arise, died after presenting an acute diarrheal disease and severe malnutrition.

According to Deputy Minister Fernando Ruiz Gomez, 18 of the 20 deaths are linked to the consumption of untreated water.

“Last Sunday a commission from the National Institute of Health was mobilized to review and assess what the actual conditions of mortality and morbidity in this region are from the March 11 will travel a committee of the ministry. Unfortunately, the distances are a factor tremendously affects the ability to act in time, “said Deputy Ruiz.Only one sector Quibdo the Choco capital, has potable water. The rest of the department does not have this service.

Moreover, the Constitutional Court cited for next March 19 Colombia Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez, the Comptroller General of the Republic, Edgardo Maya Villazón; Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria, the Ombudsman Jorge Armando Otálora and President of the Seventh Senate Committee Eduardo Enrique Pulgar, the health crisis that exists in the department.