Liberia announces that it no longer has Ebola patients

The WHO reported that Liberia has not registered any case in March. | Foto: AP

The Liberian government said Thursday that it no longer sick with Ebola virus after discharge to the last patient treated in Monrovia.

Official sources consulted by AFP claim that Beatrice Yordoldo left the treatment center where it was entered

“Today I thank the Almighty, the Chinese staff Ebola treatment center and all Liberians nurses who worked with them,” said the woman.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that the country recorded no case during the week ended March first.Liberia was the country that was the one that recorded the highest number of deaths, where four thousand 117 people died in the nine thousand 249 infected with the deadly virus were counted.

Figures provided by WHO indicated that at least 24,000 people contracted Ebola virus since December 2013, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. In total, nine thousand 807 patients died.

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