Presented new evidence of the attempted coup in Venezuela

The 3 key officers of the coup backlash against Venezuela

President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, presented new evidence about an attempted coup plan of the Venezuelan opposition against the constitutionally elected government of President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday.

During his television program With Mazo Dando, transmitted by the state channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), Diosdado Cabello, along with the mayor of Caracas (capital), Jorge Rodriguez presented audios of a telephone conversation between the President of the opposition party COPEI Antonio Ecarri and the secretary general of the party, Rogelio Diaz.

In conversation call to promote and street actions while ensuring that a coup is the way for radical change in the South American nation. Both recognize that an Agreement for the Transition is a call to blow.In a second audio reveals that Joseph Cassany, first vice president of Copei in Lara state, and Antonio Sotillo, national leader of COPEI, knew the coup plan to be activated on 12 February, attended by a small group of Military Aviation with US support.

Official confirms intention to attack with gunships
The mayor of Caracas, Jorge Rodriguez presented a series of videos in which the first deputy Aviation (retired) Luis Hernando Lugo Calderon denounced implicated in the bombing last February 12, confirms the intention of attacking aircraft type selective targets Tucano in Caracas and recording a video to demand the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro.

Lugo Calderon revealed that Lieutenant Henry Zalazar invited him to participate in the video that were done in the framework of arming a coup against the government, which had been brewing since last year.The video was to encourage violence in the streets purpose, demanding the resignation of Maduro and caused riots. According to the first retired lieutenant, the video was a preamble to trigger chaos in the South American country.

On the other hand, Mayor Rodriguez referred to the participation of party leader of the far right, Julio Borges, designated by the general (arrested) Oswaldo Hernández as a collaborator in the bombing trying conduct military officials involved in strategic points of the capital city .

The testimonies that confirm the coup plan in Venezuela

“The references made about his involvement in the attack against Venezuela, are not unfounded information, journalist (affects far right) Patricia Poleo stated as a participant in the attack (…) when he presented the video (made by the Lieutenant Henry Salazar and his wife) in a television channel in Miami (EE.UU), “Rodriguez said.

Poleo would broadcast the video. “By the way Mrs. Patricia Poleo, that you placed in the Twitter as kind of a transcript of the video, is false, that is counter is putting there,” he said Rodriguez.

Official condemned the coup d’Azur
Congressman Diosdado Cabello said Wednesday that one of the military officers involved in the so-called “Blue Beat” confessed the facts of the attempt and was sentenced to prison for his alleged involvement in the coup plan.

“Since the trial began, an official admitted the facts and was sentenced today (Wednesday) and for those who have not accepted the fact still on trial,” Cabello said.On the other hand, the head of the legislature in Venezuela said that General Oswaldo Hernández, one of the detainees have confessed the fact-participation of civil and military assets in the coup.

On February 12, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced the coup plans that the far right of that country sought to develop in various stages and financed by government officials in the United States.

The South American dignitary also reported that there is an international conspiracy against Venezuela, including hostile media publications. He said he had evidence of involvement of staff of the US embassy in the coup attempt.

Maduro: peace be imposed against coup claims