Declare a state of emergency after quake in Peru
President Humala visited the quake-hit region and evaluate structural damage (Andina)

The President of Peru, Ollanta Humala said Sunday the state of emergency for rural locations Paruro province, located in the Cuzco region (southeast); affected by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake during the night of Saturday, the balance of which was eight persons killed, five wounded and 530 victims.
Humala showed up in the area to assess damage and monitor the distribution of humanitarian aid to those affected. He said that the emergency will be declared, at first for 90 days but indicated that this period may be renewed if found necessary.
“We believe that a declaration of emergency to act quickly is necessary. Already opened again over the road and just landed in Cusco Army aircraft carrying several tons of support, “he said.
Humanitarian aid organized by the Executive Cabinet with consisted of tents, prefabricated housing modules, blankets, drinking water, canned food, food and other immediate relief input.
Moreover, the head of state expressed his wish that does not increase the number of deaths because “the population is quite tense because of the risk that there may be aftershocks.’re Sleeping in open areas with blankets and tents that we have sent to we have provided, and we will reinforce this. “Help on the way
The National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) reported on Sunday afternoon which provided mobilize 1.81 tons of food to the city of Cuzco to provide assistance to over 500 victims of the province Paruro.
The director of the agency, Gustavo Princesses said housing between recommendations remove Misca community because most collapsed; habiacionales to lift prefabricated modules for more than 50 affected families.
Similarly Peruvian Ministry of Health set up a tent where the staff provides medical and psychological care for those affected.