Peru 205 social conflicts recorded in August
The Ombudsman of Peru presented a detailed report on the social conflicts in each region (Archive) balance

The Ombudsman of Peru published its monthly report which revealed that during the month of August 205 social conflicts were reported across the country on Wednesday.
Official figures state that the body 142 of these are active social conflicts; while the remaining 43 are “dormant”.
For his part, The Social Conflicts Report 126 notes that the department of Apurimac, south of the Andes, led the list with at least 23, followed by Ancash (north) with 22; while Puno (south) was third with 16.
Cuzco (southeast) fourth on the list started with 14; while Ayacuchon (south), Junín (center) and Piura (west) recorded 13 Ucayali (east), Mother of God (southeast), Huanuco (center) and Lima (capital) that were each conflict.
Statistics Ombudsman specify that socio-environmental conflicts were the main list with 132; while the mining sector was the largest conflict with (70.5 percent of cases), followed by those related to hydrocarbons (12.9 percent).
Likewise, the data show that in August 140 collective protests were organized; to eight from the last balance. In this sense emphasizes that none of the manifestations of subversive action violence were reported.
Among the recommendations made by the Ombudsman is the Executive prioritization of conflicts in Junín and Ancash; departments that have demonstrated the most serious cases.