Daily Archives: 30 agosto, 2014

Yazidis sell women terrorists in Syria


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the terrorists of the Islamic State “sold” by some 300 thousand women Yazidis its fighters found in northern Syria.

Argentine satellite ARSAT-1 ready to enter orbit


This is the Arsat-1, the first satellite built by Argentina to provide communication services. 2015 is expected to be released on Arsat-2, while the Arsat-3 is already being designed.

Green Film Fest in Buenos Aires seeks to “raise the culture”


The meeting aims to “bring infotainment” people through film and thus achieve “awareness fundamental to our quality of life issues.”

New attempt of massive assault on the border Spain – Morocco


More than 200 immigrants came to the fence of the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

Transfer Argentine satellite ARSAT-1 to be launched into space


The Argentine ARSAT-1 satellite, designed and built by the state company INVAP, was transferred to Bariloche airport where a plane Antonov departed bound for French Guiana for launch in mid-October.

Guinea Bissau on alert for Ebola

Un grupo de trabajadores sanitarios se preparan para retirar un cadáver con aparentes signos de haber desarrollado el virus del ébola en el mercado Duwala de Monrovia

The Ebola virus currently spreading throughout West Africa has prompted the authorities of Guinea-Bissau to launch a campaign that includes cleaning and disinfection of public spaces “nationwide” the last Saturday of each month. The World Health Organization reported that the number of people infected with Ebola virus in West Africa could reach 20 thousand.

UN confirms attacks on peacekeepers


The UN warned on Thursday about the capture of 43 peacekeepers, part of the 72 peacekeepers blocked by armed groups in Golan Heights.

European diplomacy has new boss


Since the early 90s, Mogherini participated in national and European campaigns against racism and xenophobia, in particular that was launched in mid-2000 by the Council of Europe, “All different, all equal” (all different , all the same).

Denounce inhumane treatment in Israeli jails


Some of the inhumane methods used against Palestinians in Israeli jails are physical and moral torture, naked inmate inspection, solitary confinement, sleep impairment, tying his hands and feet, depriving them of medical treatment, threaten to arrest members their families and destroy their homes.

Israeli people admits defeat in Gaza invasion


Another survey found that only 25 percent of Israelis believe that victory in the bloody offensive against Gaza was for his army.