Daily Archives: 29 agosto, 2014

Two Russian diplomats missing in Ukraine


This Friday the Russian Embassy in Kiev reported missing two of its diplomats in Ukrainian territory.

OAS should intervene vulture funds


Next week the Argentine mediators will hold two presentations to the Organization of American States (OAS) to discuss the vulture funds.

UK raises terror threat level

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at a news conference in Downing Street, central London

Britain raised its security level to “severe” to the threat posed by terrorists of the Islamic State (EI). British Prime Minister David Cameron said that about 500 Britons have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join EI terrorists and expressed fear that these citizens to carry out terrorist actions once they return to the UK.

Teachers hope Ecuadorian public banks


The union expects more than 430 million unemployment funds pass public financial institutions of the country, because the teaching that gives no warranty given.

Dutch withdraw passports to jihadists


The initiative is part of a plan that seeks to launch the state to stop this growing phenomenon. At least 130 Dutch have joined the Islamic State.

They stopped in Colombia to the Sinaloa cartel member


Migration Colombia reported that Thursday was arrested at the airport in Bogota alleged Sinaloa cartel representative in Ecuador, Oscar Berrocal, alias “Charlie”.

Nicaragua seeks help to rescue miners


Nicaraguans Twenty miners are still alive after the collapse of an artisanal gold mine. The Government of Nicaragua requested assistance to countries with expertise in such accidents as Chile.

Experimental drug cured monkeys with Ebola


Zmapp is the name of the experimental drug cured 18 macaque monkeys with five days of being infected with Ebola. It is estimated that human use is in 2015.

IMF supports its director with legal disputes


In a statement the 188 members of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expressed full confidence in maintaining its director and support his refusal to resign.

USA spends 7.5 million dollars a day in Iraq bombing


From mid-June the United States has spent nearly $ 7.5 million per day to bomb Iraq. The wars on foreign soil are big business for the military-industrial complex of the United States, at a time when the country’s economy is in crisis.