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Bolivia set to begin Sao Paulo Forum


The Sao Paulo Forum was founded in 1990 in the Brazilian city of the same name was proposed by the Workers Party (PT) in Brazil, led by Inacio Lula Da Silva and his intention was always to call the debate on the international stage.

Hamas calls for war crimes Netanyahu threats


Hamas said in a statement that the claims of Zionist Prime Minister to continue the bombing of the Gaza Strip will not damage the firm will of the Palestinians against the Israeli occupiers. In total, two thousand, 109 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed and 10 thousand 854 have been injured in Gaza due to the brutal offensive launched by the Israeli terrorism.

United States launches two new attacks in Iraq

En la imagen de archivo, una columna de humo se levanta durante enfrentamientos entre fuerzas de seguridad iraquíes y militantes del Estado Islámico en las montañas Hamrin, en la provincia de Diyala

The United States Central Command said in a statement that the attacks will continue against the Islamic State (EI) to support Iraqi forces.

Declare state of emergency in California


The governor of California, Edmund Brown, asked state agencies to support in relief efforts after this natural event that left damage and power outages to 69,000 people, and another 87 injured rushed to hospital Queen of the Valley with cuts and bruises.

Ecuador is the fourth safest country in Latin America


The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, attributed this achievement to the security measures implemented in recent years. The list is headed by Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay.

Colombia condemns attacks on Yazidis in Iraq


The Government of Colombia urges the United Nations to take action to end the humanitarian crisis. Yazidis have been victims of violence of the Islamic State (EI).

Thank backing of Pope beatification of Salvadoran Archbishop

MonseÒor Romero

Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero meet the August 15, 2017 centenary of his birth. The Catholic Church in El Salvador expected to be canonized before that date.

Probation to Pablo Escobar hitman


John Jairo Velazquez Vazquez, alias Popeye, one of the heads of drug lord Pablo Escobar assassins confessed which nearly 300 murders, including 35 police, drug dealers and tens of innocent civilians received probation after 22 years of imprisonment for the 1989 assassination of Colombian politician Luis Carlos Galán.

Confirm Ebola in Congo

Un grupo de trabajadores sanitarios se preparan para retirar un cadáver con aparentes signos de haber desarrollado el virus del ébola en el mercado Duwala de Monrovia

“The results are positive. Ebola virus is confirmed in DRC,” said the health minister told AFP.

Argentina: Leonardo Favio Film Festival


The movie “Fermin” was elected as the best film of the festival, a film that chronicles the encounter between a psychiatrist who starts working at a public neuropsychiatric and one of his patients, Fermín Turdera.