Daily Archives: 20 agosto, 2014

Maduro: “They are taking 30% of the blood of our economy”


The Venezuelan president rejects the position of opposition leaders in protecting the illegal trade bound for Colombia; situation that has hit the domestic economy.

Ferguson protests persist


The squad fell mobilization outside Missouri court to demand justice for the death of Michael Brown in the hands of two officers of the local police.

Mexican PRI aims to reduce seats in Congress


Should achieve the necessary signatures for the vote process would take place in mid-July 2015, coinciding with the renewal of the House and nine state governments and hundreds of municipalities.

Colombian deputy investigated for offending victims


Legislator by the Democratic Centre party Uribe, Maria Fernanda Cabal, will be investigated for “libel, slander, discrimination and aggravated harassment,” the prosecution said.

They ask the Pentagon sending 300 soldiers to Iraq


From 11 days ago, USA been executed up to 68 positions selective bombing of the Islamic State in Kurdistan, but has failed to break the siege of the Yazidis.

Maritime boundary with Chile is based in The Hague ruling


For the president of the Council of Ministers of Peru, Ana Jara, the country’s border with Chile was demilitada permanently.

Shelling in Gaza leaves 21 dead and 120 injured


They claim that Israel uses unconventional weapons and explosives; so the danger to civilians increased after recent attacks has.

Urge Israel and USA veto by conflict


Paul Craig Roberts, former president of the American exasesor, Ronald Reagan, says the world builds its own destruction “tolerating the killings and lies of the United States and Israel.”

Mexico seeks to reduce maternal mortality


Authorities of the country in conjunction with non-governmental organizations will promote the training of midwives; as well as sexual and reproductive health, while medical consultations to vulnerable populations will increase and decrease unnecessary cesareans

France financed the war in Syria

French President Francois Hollande delivers a speech outside the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Paris

French President regretted that the international community has been disengaged at the growing violence that lurks in several Middle Eastern countries.