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White House revealed that Obama authorized attack in northern Iraq

En la imagen de archivo, el presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, realiza una declaración en la Casa Blanca en Washington

The intent is “to help regain control of the Mosul Dam,” which, according to the American president “was consistent with its objective of protecting compatriots at home.

Six countries discussed in Bolivia on the philosophy of “living well”


Secretary of Good Living the Ecuadorian government, Freddy Ehlers, said that the meeting will seek EU proposals to deepen and advance the construction of “living well”.

Russian humanitarian convoy reaches Ukrainian border


National authorities shall permit the entry of 1.8 tonnes of humanitarian cargo Donetsk and Lugansk at the request of the International Red Cross; he has served as a mediator between President Piotr Poroshenko and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Morocco send another convoy carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza


Officials say the load is transferred to the Gaza Strip with 41 tons of humanitarian aid.

Extend curfew in Ferguson


So far they have arrested seven people and injured another during protests in the time restriction in the municipality; where authorities are investigating the death of young Afro Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer.

So they fired Eduardo Campos in Brazil


A crowd of people fired PSB Party presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos, who died after a plane crash. The ceremony was attended by President Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Rousseff and Lula present at funeral of Eduardo Campos


Rows with lots of people came to the seat of government of Pernambuco to dismiss his former governor; who had left office to launch a presidential campaign ahead of elections on October 5.

New US bombing Northern Iraq


Another bombing of the United States in Iraq helped the Kurds to seize the members of the Islamic State (EI) of the largest dam in the country, located in Mosul. Most of Mosul was controlled by terrorists on 7 August, while the USA It started one day after bombings in support of the Kurds.

El Salvador: Begins three years in honor of Monsignor Romero


The church authorities of El Salvador, Friday kicked off a three-year celebration will be dedicated to exalting the life and work of Monsignor Romero, which will culminate on August 15, 2017, coinciding with the centenary of his birth.

Thank presence of victims in peace talks in Havana


In a joint statement published on the website of the peace delegation FARC (www.pazfarc-ep.org), both sides acknowledged the “courage and honesty” expressed by the first group of victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.