Daily Archives: 16 agosto, 2014

Palestinian people expected cessation of Zionist slaughter


The Gaza Strip, largely destroyed by Israeli shelling all kinds of targets, including hospitals, schools and shelters, reached Saturday the sixth day of truce while negotiations resume in Cairo, where both delegations to attempt to reach agreement achieve a lasting ceasefire.

Remains of Eduardo Campos are taken to Recife


The presidential candidate was killed after the plane he was traveling with several members of his electoral campaign team crashed in Santos, southeastern Brazil.

Pope Francisco questioned the religious who “live like the rich”


The statements were offered on the third day of his visit to South Korea, which started with a large mass in Seoul, capital of South Korea. From there, he lambasted the “hypocrisy of the dedicated men and women who profess vows of poverty, and yet live as rich.”

2 dead and 12 injured in earthquake in Quito


The quake occurred towards 10h08 local (15h08 GMT) at a depth of about 8 km in the province of Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute said.

Sao Paulo Forum was held for the first time in Bolivia


Senator Toward Socialism party (MAS), Sandra Soriano said that Bolivia will host this meeting “for the first time and historically.”

No extradition request reconsideration of María del Pilar Hurtado


The decision of the Panamanian State earned an application with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to be granted an asylum in irregular solicitad a person by the Colombian justice on charges of corruption and espionage.

Marina Silva replaces Eduardo Campos in Brazil presidential


PSB chairman, Roberto Amaral, said the Navy will bid a discontinuity. “The PSB will indicate the new vice,” he said.

State of emergency and curfew in Ferguson


The spiral of violence in the state of Missouri has had substantial increases due to clashes between security officers and protesters condemning the murder of Michael Brown Afro.

Correa hopes headquarters Unasur summit opens with


“We hope to officially open the building with a summit of presidents of UNASUR in the month of November,” he said in his usual radio and television program.

Seize Venezuelan border state fuel


The Venezuelan government through an action plan with the Colombian authorities have managed to confiscate 58 000 300 liters of diesel and gasoline in the Zulia state. Other goods seized included 96 tons of food; 202,000 liters of lubricants; 38 tons of cement; well as cigarettes and alcoholic beverages produced in Venezuela.