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Installing the First Congress of the Working Class in Venezuela


So I was installing the Congress of the Working Class in Venezuela, the event was headed by the president of the South American nation, Nicolas Maduro.

Wikileaks: Ban Ki-Moon worked secretly to favor Israel


Wikileaks revealed documents indicating the close cooperation of the UN Secretary General with the United States to sabotage a 2009 report for the Government of Israel. Ki-Moon wrote a letter to the Security Council, which asks members to disregard the recommendations of the Board of Inquiry into the Israeli bombings in Gaza.

New Secretary of Unasur visit Quito


Colombia Ernesto Samper assume the duties incident to the office on August 22; in the middle of an official ceremony to be held in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay, with the presence of the members of the regional bloc nations.

Great rally for Gaza in London


The demonstration was organized by the Campaign of Solidarity with Palestine and organization Stop the war.

Sanchez Ceren highlighted social achievements in El Salvador


President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said that at the close of 2013 poverty was reduced and increased revenues of the Salvadoran population, according to a recent survey. Other social indicators argue that increased coverage of basic services such as drinking water, electric power, while both were reduced illiteracy and unemployment.

Canceled 400 flights for arrival of Typhoon to Japan


The “Halong” come Saturday south of Kyushu, the second most populous island of the country, and then expand eastward and reach the island of Shikoku and the Chugoku region, according to the Meteorological Agency Nippon.

They are 913 thousand Palestinians killed by Israeli aggression

Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

84 percent of the victims of the atrocities carried out by the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip is civil, as published by the United Nations on Monday.

EIIL threatens to kill 300 families in Iraq


It is estimated that between 15,000 and 40,000 persons belonging to religious minorities are seeking shelter at Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, without access to food and water.

Francis Pope asked to pray for Christians in Iraq


Pope Francisco asked a special prayer for persecuted Christians in Iraq by terrorists of the Islamic State. This week, about 100 thousand Christians fled jihadists took Qaraqosh, the largest city of that religion in Iraq, located north of the country.

Guinea announces closure of borders by Ebola outbreak

Guinea cierra las fronteras con Sierra Leona y Liberia

The decision was primarily taken to prevent infected people crossing into Guinea, where at least 367 people have died of Ebola since March, and where other 18 are treated in isolation.