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Griesa threat to Argentina to declare “in contempt”

Hurban, grandson of president of human rights organization Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Estela de Carlotto, speaks next to her a news conference in Buenos Aires

The American judge in the lawsuit between the South American nation and vultures, urged the government to talk to the mediator of the bondholders, Daniel Pollack, and warned that should clarify “his statements.”

Colombia asks capture former head of the DAS


It is believed that it fled from Panama to Costa Rica with false documents. Meanwhile the Colombian justice asked the International Police (Interpol, for its acronym in English), issue a red notice against him.

United States bombed Iraq again


Government agents say that the measure covered areas considered strategic for jihadists; those accused of isolated churches and community keep minorities in mountainous areas in the north.

Palestinian Foreign Minister will visit Venezuela next week


The government of President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the Zionist offensive launched by Israel against the Palestinian people; where they have died a thousand 900 people, mostly civilians.

UN urges return to ceasefire in Gaza

En la imagen de archivo, el secretario general de Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki-moon, habla ante los medios en una conferencia de prensa en Managua

Ban condemned the new rocket and considered “intolerable” that has “more suffering and death of civilians caught in the conflict.”

Obama will bomb jihadists in Iraq indefinitely


The United States government began Thursday jihadist attacks against the Islamic State (Daesh), according to his spokesman, at the request of the Iraqi military.

Identified 23 victims of plane crash in Donetsk


Ensure the identification of all the bodies can take months because some of the human remains are not complete and need special equipment to continue the work.

Morales considers an eternal leader Fidel Castro


During the launch of “The Eyes of the Puma” Cuban writer, Mercedes Alma, Bolivian officer stressed the legacy of the revolutionary leaders Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Guido Carlotto Montoya: It’s a small victory


Also held to be part of a process that serves “to close wounds that were opened long ago,” said while he was “happy”.

Guido expected finding missing grandchildren enhances


When asked about how he preferred to be called (or Guido Ignacio) explained he has no problem by the way they decide to call it.