Ukrainian military 438 asylum seekers to Russia

The spokesman for the Border Guard Service of Russia, Vasili Maláyev informed that during the night of Sunday, “about 438 Ukrainian military approached the Russian border guards to seek asylum. According to the decision of the Border Guard Service of Russia , officials opened a humanitarian corridor and allowed into Russia to those who need shelter. ”
Among the Ukrainian military that no one seriously injured was taken to the central hospital of Gukovo, where he underwent surgery.
Ukrainian military belonging to the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “They said they were tired of war and are no longer willing to fight,” Maláyev reported.
According to him, the military does not know what step they will give below but want to make a decision soon. Before leaving Ukraine, destroyed their weapons and ammunition depots.
In recent weeks such incidents have become increasingly common. In recent days, military Ukrainians marched through the neutral zone of the border between Russia and Ukraine unarmed and with a white flag.
According Maláyev, the military, both officers and soldiers, also belonged to the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. Ukrainian military explained that they had run out of supplies and ammunition that were available were not suitable for fire systems.