Daily Archives: 3 agosto, 2014

Iraqi government Abbe EI 300 terrorists


Iraqi military forces shot dead at least 300 militants of the Islamic State, after heavy shelling in the city of Mosul, while brigades loyal to the government on Sunday intensified the counter in other regions.

Bogotá celebrates its Summer Festival


Since Friday all kinds of cultural and musical activities in the Colombian capital, where it is expected more than ten million people participate in during the days of the event will be held.

This Monday there will be new truce in Gaza


Israel will refrain from making shots in most of the Gaza Strip on Monday for seven hours of “humanitarian window”, the military said in a statement at the beginning of the 28th day of its military conflict with Hamas. This ceasefire will be observed between 07h00 and 14h00 GMT All except Palestinian enclave in the

They will present lawsuit against Facebook


The demand is related to young Facebook’s cooperation with the NSA and its programs to collect data such as Prism and security policies of data.

The world condemned attack on Gaza school


The military offensive called “Protective Barrier” Israel has killed over 800 thousand people, mostly civilians; therefore urges the international community to stop the fire from the Gaza Strip.

Storm “Bertha” came to Southern Bahamas


In the Sunday afternoon “Bertha” was located 240 miles southeast of San Salvador, one of the islands of the Bahamas.

Urges Unasur defend natural resources


The politician, lawyer and ambassador of Venezuela in Cuba, Ali Rodriguez Araque said that members of the Union of South American Nations must have at its core the internal transformation of the natural resources of the region. Rodriguez delivered his post as general secretary of the box next August in a Unasur summit in Uruguay.

U.S. showed “horror” by Israeli attack


The Obama administration urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to better ensure the safety of the Palestinian people and urged an investigation into the case.

Liberia strengthens measures against Ebola


Citizens call for quick removal of the bodies of the victims of his community, fearing that at the approach followed the virus could spread.

Evo Morales: Ban Ki-Moon can not stop in Israel


Evo Morales said the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon is “orphan support to stop the invasion of Israel” on Gaza, given the inaction of the Security Council and human rights organizations. Morales asked the social movements perform demonstrations next week to “defend life” and the rights of the Palestinian people.