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Netanyahu does not rule out new military offensive in Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu defended the slaughter of the Palestinian people by the Army and stated that the fight against Hamas is a priority for his government. He warned the possibility of starting a new military offensive in the Gaza Strip and said the Palestinians have only two options: choose between Hamas and peace with the terrorist regime in Israel.

International Theater Festival kicks off in Venezuela

“Theater to see, hear and feel” is the premise on which functions will be held for adults and children, all free.

Nicaragua awaits rescue the second group of miners

Mineros y rescatistas sostienen a un minero cubierto de lodo luego de ser rescatado de una mina de oro tapada por un deslizamiento de tierra en Bonanza, Nicaragua

Nicaraguans continue their daily lives, while calmly await the rescue of the miners still trapped in the mine El Comal. It is unknown whether they are 5 or 7.

Delegation Vinotinto female sub-15 after participating in Nanjing 2014

In the afternoon on Sunday arrived in Venezuela’s national team U-15 women’s football, after achieving silver medal in the final of the II Youth Olympics 2014 Nanjing.

Chile does not recognize triangle land claimed by Peru

Peru claimed that a land border triangle in Chile belongs to his country while Chile insists that the land boundaries were already set in the Court of The Hague.

They will discuss consumer advocacy project in Argentina

The new law stipulates Supply in Argentina “regulatory framework for the relations of production, construction, processing, trade and consumption supported by the constitutionality of the actions of state intervention to prevent abuse and misappropriation of surplus value chain” .

Tungurahua Volcano activity elevates moderate to high

The Tungurahua-in the central Andean Ecuador and five thousand 23 meters height-increased activity, which was considered moderate since 1 August, when the authorities raised the alert level from yellow to orange. The Colossus has emanated ash plumes up to 2.5 km in height and is one of the most active volcanoes in the country.

Colombian peace delegation traveling to Havana

For Monday is scheduled to start in Havana, cycle 28 dialogues, which has as its center the issue of victims. Since the beginning of the peace talks-November 2012-and so far, the parties have reached agreement on three of the five items on the agenda: land and rural development, participation in politics and drugs and illicit crops.

Seven killed in road accident in northern Colombia

The accident occurred on the evening of Saturday Mamonal-Gambote, near Cartagena, variant and on the fact that according to witnesses the truck driver invaded the opposite lane to avoid a motorcyclist, which would have led to the fatal outcome.

Governor right in Venezuela does not meet your work

The ineffectiveness of the rightwing governor of Miranda state, Venezuela, Henrique Capriles, was revealed in a public survey, where 49 percent of Venezuelans described his tenure as poor and 87 percent reported that have not visited their communities in three months .