Colombia asked Interpol to arrest the former minister Arias
The former Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Felipe Arias, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for corruption during his tenure between 2005 and 2009 (Photo Archive)

The Supreme Court Friday asked Colombia to Colombian authorities Attorney and former Minister of Agriculture Andrés Felipe Arias is located to comply with his recent sentence of 17 years in prison for acts of deputy prosecutor Jorge Perdomo corrupción.El noted that since the organism will do everything possible to Arias is offered for order of justice, as well as everyone involved in the case and who refuse to comply with ley.Sobre this point, the prosecution considered that Arias is a fugitive justice from the time the Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant against him, pending completion of the proceedings before the Interpol.En this regard, it was noted that next week is expected to submit a formal request international search, where the judgment of the Supreme Court and the case details will be appended to show that the request is attached to the justicia.Por his part, Minister of Justice and Law, Alfonso Gomez Mendez ruled that question of political persecution against the officer, as some have tried to show critics the government of President Juan Manuel Santos. “Government did not intervene in the judicial branch and is not part of the criminal proceedings. It’s a decision the judges made and that the government has a mandate to enforce it, “he said Gómez Méndez, according to the website reviewed by RCN Radio.