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15 new confirmed cases of Chikungunya virus in Venezuela


The Venezuelan Ministry of Health confirmed 15 new cases of Chikungunya virus imported, from Dominican Republic, while prevention efforts are intensified. Until July 7 were confirmed 30 cases of Chikungunya fever; 28 of them imported from Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Poroshenko Biden reiterates support for a ceasefire in Ukraine


U.S. Vice President Poroshenko informed about the ongoing diplomatic efforts the U.S. is pursuing its international partners in order to impose new sanctions on Russia “if it continues on its current line of separatist provide heavy weapons and equipment” .

Panama: demand the repeal of pardons granted by Martinelli


In Panama call to the newly inaugurated president, Juan Carlos Varela, expedite the repeal of the pardons granted by former President Ricardo Martinelli, just four days before delivering the charge.

El Salvador starts campaign for illegal migration of children


The campaign will inform the public about these dangers, in order to try to stop the flow of migrants.

Honduran President tackle child migration with U.S. Congressmen


This meeting was also attended by government officials and new solutions to various areas of interest will be sought; whose goal is to stop the growing humanitarian crisis.

Killed four policemen and a civilian in road accident in Peru


Police officers were on board of a car that collided head-on with an interprovincial bus company in Central harass road, kilometer 85.5.

Israel calls on Gazans to leave the area


The Israeli offensive in the Palestinian territory has claimed the lives of 151 people; after the airstrikes of the Zionist army who have drawn the attention of various agencies and the international community.

Foreign Ministry condemns the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people


The Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, qualifies as disproportionate military operations and demanded the withdrawal of such attacks against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. He called on Israel to act attached to international law and humanitarian law.

Brazil is the fourth best team in the World Cup 2014

Brazil's Neymar consoles Oscar after their loss to the Netherlands in their 2014 World Cup third-place playoff at the Brasilia national stadium in Brasilia

The hosts, seeking to forget the defeat to Germany dealt semifinals 7-1, and get home third place at the Dutch, who fell on penalties 4-2 (0-0) against Argentina, nor could taste victory at the National Stadium in Brasilia.

In Detail: Ranking of the most dangerous drugs in the world


Krokodil, or shabu burundanga are some of the new substances that are extremely dangerous. The cannibal drug is a danger to the authorities in Spain, who already were activated on alert.