Bolivia rejects Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people
The Bolivian government called for international organizations to mediate to end the war (Photo: File)

The Plurinational State of Bolivia condemned the brutal Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip and called on Tel Aviv to cease hostilities, which have left the death of 88 people, mostly civilians.
The state news agency ABI reported spread the Bolivian Foreign Ministry also calls on the international community to intervene to stop “the genocide” and stressed that “should respect and comply with international agreements and treaties.”
The Foreign Ministry also expressed concern about the operation called “Edge Protector” that has killed more than 80 Palestinian civilians, including children, adolescents and women, and injured more than 500.
“We urge you to investigate and punish the crimes committed by Israel in this region, in the framework of international law, human rights and international humanitarian law,” the statement said.
Bolivia joins the call of the people of Alba, who strongly condemned the cruelty against the Palestinian people, as a human slaughter has described President Mahmoud Abbas. Venezuela recently criticized Israel for bombing Gaza with whip and asked the mediation of international organizations.
On Thursday, the death toll from attacks in Tel Aviv rose to 88, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a ceasefire in the territory, Israel said it is prepared to expand military offensive to weaken the Islamist movement Hamas has responded with rockets and long-range missiles.