Daily Archives: 6 julio, 2014

Ecuador resume negotiations with the EU trade agreement


There are several points where both parties have made significant difference; so representatives of the Ecuadorian government proposed a new plan that respects the national interests and the maintenance of tariff preferences.

Are submerged road would be lost civilization in Croatia


The formation is located about 8 kilometers from the coast, between the port of Split and the island of Brac, is about 7 meters wide and extends in view for a mile in length, but could be even longer, according to these sources.

Israeli air strike kills two Palestinians in the Gaza Strip


Health authorities reported that two Palestinians were killed and one wounded in an attack product of an Israeli drone in Gaza. The Palestinians were attacked east of Bureij refugee camp, located in the center of the Palestinian enclave.

Ukrainian Air Force bombarded Lugansk region


Ukrainian military carried out a total blockade of Lugansk and Donetsk, according to Mikhail Koval, deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine.

Di María was dropped for the match against the Netherlands


Albiceleste midfielder and Real Madrid combined this only a minor injury in the rectus muscle in his right thigh and could be orders of Sabella in the case of Argentina classify the final match of the World Cup.

A thousand flood victims in Uruguay


“It increased to 1,035 the number of displaced people around the country because of the floods,” of the 736 displaced persons were recorded in the morning of Sunday, published on its website the National Emergency System (SINAE).

Explore another tunnel in search of trapped miners in Honduras


Although there is little hope of finding the eight miners who are still trapped in the mine artisanal gold Hilón in Honduras, rescue authorities changed their search strategy to rescue them.

Venezuelan swimmer Subirats won a silver medal at French Open


The Spaniard stopped the clock at 53 seconds; figure that was enough to get behind the first place; who complete their aquatic journey with few thousandths of an advantage.

Venezuelan President State Council convenes this week


The Council of State is under the Constitution of Venezuela of 1999 and established as a top government advisory body instance. This time the President will address issues related to the efficiency of government management and policy dialogue.

Hurricane Arthur left 200,000 people without power in Canada


Hurricane Arthur by Canadian provinces Nova Scotia Halifax and left more than 200,000 people without power, as indicated by the local authorities. The winds managed to reach winds between 102 and 123 miles per hour, knocking down hundreds of trees, advertising structures and power lines.