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Colombia: They are valid arguments against vulture funds Argentina


Colombia’s Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, proposed a regulation to prevent speculative behavior of agents, as said Argentina has been honoring its debts to vulture funds.

OAS proved resolution in favor of Argentina backless Canadian and U.S.


In its conclusions, the Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, lamented that the United States and Canada have not supported the resolution in favor of the South American nation for the payment of so-called vulture funds.

Justice investigates torture Chile during Pinochet dictatorship military


Chilean Justice opened an investigation against former members of the accused Air Force torturing twelve other officials of the institution after the coup in 1973. In group General Alberto Bachelet, who was imprisoned and charged with treason for stay is firm the legitimate government of Allende.

Bolivia and Ecuador will support resolution of Argentina on vulture funds


Bolivia’s Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca expressed full support for Argentina’s arguments regarding vulture funds and any decision this South American nation make regarding how to pay your debt.

Confirmed U.S. military presence in Somalia


According to an official of the U.S. government, since 2007 a group of U.S. military is in Somalia to train and advise the army of that country in its fight against Al Qaeda troops.

Landslide in southeastern Brazil leaves two dead and over 10 injured


A viaduct located under a nearby highway to the property of Cidade do Galo, which trains Argentina national team, fell on a bus. Firefighters and police attended the persons close to the stadium Mineirão place.

Venezuela urges create a block to strengthen the international financial system


The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Elias Jaua urged the region to align in the way of financial emancipation based on the strengthening of the South Bank and the creation of a Latin American judicial and penal system.

Kicillof the OAS urges action to battle against vulture funds


The Argentine Economy Minister said “urgent solutions are needed, not just statements. International agencies need to act” during the consultation meeting of foreign ministers of the OAS.

Guatemala will exhibit 250 pieces of Mayan culture in Madrid


The exhibition “Traces into Eternity: The Maya of Guatemala” can be seen at the Centro Cultural de la Villa Fernan Gomez in Madrid since May 5, 2015 and will be open to the public four months.

Cooperate with Central Taiwan to strengthen integration


The head of state, Ma Ying-jeou stressed that cooperation between his country and the SICA is transcendental to boost joint efforts of the Central American region. He pledged to strengthen its relationship with El Salvador.