Daily Archives: 2 julio, 2014

Continuing protests to demand U.S. immigration reform


Immigrant advocates continue to protest in the town of Murrieta, California (southwest), for Congress to pass immigration reform, stop deportations and to release detained 140 illegal border detention centers from Tuesday.

Minister of Defence of Argentina makes working visit to Cuba


Visit the Argentine Defense Minister agrees with the stay in the port of Havana (capital) of the frigate “Freedom”, the flagship of the Navy that arrived last Tuesday.

Unicef ​​launches its “Come to Play” in Rio de Janeiro


The celebration of the World Cup, Olympic and Paralympic Games have encouraged collaboration with the local government agency in carrying out campaigns and events to promote the sport integration in the region.

Evo Morales reiterates its support for Argentina where vulture funds


Bolivian President reiterated his support in the case of vulture funds and indicated that Argentina is a victim of political and economic aggression by the capitalist system. He also warned of the existence of new methods of subjugation against countries that defend their natural resources sovereignty.

Authorities warn of increased cases of chikungunya in the Caribbean


About 260 thousand cases have been reported since the beginning of the outbreak, 22 people were killed in December in the affected countries of America, alerted the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Mexico NGOs demand transparency to government security


Civil organizations Common Cause, Mexico Mexico SOS Evaluate and consider that Mexican authorities do not report progress or increased insecurity in the country. Demand concrete results in this area and the joint police.

Police killed a teenager who was threatening suicide east U.S.


Police officers received a call from several people who requested his help to a young man who allegedly tried to commit suicide, but they opened fire on reaching adolescents.

In pictures: So were the streets of Ukraine after army attacks


Ukrainians have posted videos and pictures of the attacks in that country, where the streets have become targets for continuous attacks by military forces.

Civil servants protesting cuts in Puerto Rico


Hundreds of employees of public corporations protested spending cuts driven by the government of Puerto Rico, which allocates $ 775 million to reduce the public deficit. The new budget went into effect this July 1 after intense negotiations to present some accounts, according to the Government, do not incur a deficit.

Colombian peace process gets backing of international political actors


Five exmandatarios, convened by President Juan Manuel Santos to the top of the “Third Way” agreed to support the peace process between the FARC and the government of Colombia. The participants in the meeting stressed the preliminary agreements, where the parties have signed three of the five points of the agenda.