Daily Archives: 1 julio, 2014

UN calls DD.HH. guarantee migrant children detained in U.S.


Some 90 unaccompanied children daily cross the southwestern border of the United States and now number about 52,000 juveniles detained in recent months after entering the country illegally, according to U.S. government data

Educational level is directly related to severe myopia


Iranian Mirshahi Dr. Alireza, who is leading the investigation, said that currently myopia has become much more common throughout the world, so it has become a health and economic concern internationally.

Tropical Storm Arthur approaches tackles coast of Florida


The first tropical storm of the Atlantic season and sit on the beaches of the eastern and southern U.S. coast. Estimates from the National Hurricane Center could become cyclone on Thursday. Its intensity could affect other states.

WHO: Deaths due to the Ebola increased to 467 in West Africa


The WHO has warned that the current epidemic of Ebola in West Africa is the worst he has ever seen both the number of infected people, as the death toll and its geographical distribution in three countries simultaneously.

Paraguay: Like “unreal” Cartes qualified report to Parliament


For some members of the Congress of Paraguay, the report submitted by President Cartes does not match the reality experienced by Paraguayans. Negative rated attend a session where the right to make an inquiry to the head of state was denied by Parliament.

I identify body of opposition to Pinochet disappeared in 1973


A judge confirmed that the remains are identified Arangua Joaquin Walker, a socialist fighter who joined the volunteer security corps of President Salvador Allende, who was arrested in December 1973 by the Pinochet forces of the Navy.

Chilean president: Peace in Colombia will be an example for the world


Former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos, urged Colombians not fail in this challenge are as a country, because in his view “would be setting an example to the world as Latin Americans that we could resolve this conflict here”

Venezuela fully restored relations with Panama


Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza announced the full restoration of diplomatic relations with Panama after three months of being suspended by decision of the President of his country, Nicolás Maduro.

Chancellors of Germany, Russia and Ukraine in Donetsk address conflict


The meeting will take place in Berlin (German capital) in order to address the situation created by the decision of the Ukrainian government to end the ceasefire with the federalist forces defending the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern that country.

Persists support against the deportation of children in the U.S.


For Democrat Joe Garcia, one of the solutions to the problem is to extend the temporary asylum program promoted by the U.S. and thus hold thousands of children living in the country illegally.