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Announce ceasefire 72 hours in Gaza

Palestinian firefighter participates in efforts to put out a fire in a van, which witnesses said was hit in an Israeli air strike, in Gaza City

Israel and Hamas cease the attacks, which have caused thousands of deaths and injuries, from 08H00 local.

Conflict in Libya totaling more than 100 dead

The clashes have so far caused 102 deaths and 452 wounded.

WHO fight against Ebola

The World Health Organization launched a plan that seeks to stop transmission of the virus, particularly in border areas.

Palestinians fleeing Israeli bombing

Over 440,000 Palestinians left their homes seeking refuge following numerous Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Approved tax law in El Salvador

With the reforms approved by the Salvadoran Congress, the print media must pay taxes not canceled since 1950.

Blasts leave 15 dead in Taiwan

The incident caused at least 200 injuries, of which about 115 have been transferred to hospitals.

Explosions cause 15 deaths in Taiwan

The incident left at least 200 injured, of which about 115 have been transferred to hospitals.

Kicillof reiterated that Argentina is not in default

El ministro de Economía de Argentina, Axel Kicillof, habla con los medios en una conferencia de prensa en el Consulado de Argentina en Nueva York

The Argentine Economy Minister clarified that there is a campaign to create panic on this issue.

Kicillof gives press conference on vulture funds

Argentine Economy Minister Axel Kicillof reiterated Thursday that Argentina is not in default, in reference to a campaign to create panic and uncertainty surrounding this term, said “it is not a wind chill but an eminently legal question.” “It’s very clear that Argentina would be in default if he failed to fulfill some of the

Rousseff promises better services

The presidential candidate and current President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, denied the possibility of a “rate hikes” after the October elections unlike what “pessimists expected, no currency crisis in the country or power rationing because Brazil did their homework. “