White House pushes to deport migrant children

The U.S. government will deport children alone Cruzen border (Photo: Reuters)

President Barack Obama asked Congress on Monday that apart from transferring resources to cope with the tide of undocumented migrants from Central America to look accelerate the deportation of more than 52,000 children.
Through a letter, Obama called on leaders of the House and Senate to expedite deportation proceedings alone who crossed the border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. “Individuals who embark on this perilous journey are subject to violent crime, abuse and extortion, as dangerous networks rely on human trafficking for carrying them through Central America and Mexico,” says the text.
However, the United States has already committed to the deliberate deportation across the border, according to the third visitor of the State Commission of Human Rights of Coahuila, Zaragoza (northeastern Mexico), Carlos Vargas, the return of 399 U.S. children . the Aztec nation through the border region, it is a serious problem.
“We know of some cases where we are reportedly lower than after being deported, are made available to the Integral Family Development Coahuila, because infants are returnees, including migrant children are made available to the agency” because traveling alone, without respecting their human rights, said Vargas.
Since October 2013 they have come to the United States more than 75,000 Latino children, including a wave of 52 counts.000 children who arrived alone, mostly from Central America in search of their parents.
The President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren will ask the secretary of state, John Kerry, to cooperate with the situation of infants; although Obama was clear to ensure that if they cross alone be deported.