Russia calls for murder of photojournalist clarify in Ukraine
Anatoli Klian photojournalist, died Sunday night in Donetsk, received several bullets in the abdomen. (Photo Archive)

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday demanded the Ukrainian authorities a thorough and objective investigation into the death occurred Sunday night in Donetsk Anatoli Klian cameraman, the main national state broadcaster, Channel One
“The death of a Russian journalist proves once again that the forces of Ukrainian security not want an escalation of the armed conflict in the east and blocking the already fragile ceasefire” in a statement to the Russian news agency Itar- Tass, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Anatoli Klian photojournalist, died from bullet wounds received in the abdomen while traveling in a bus with a group of women who sought to claim against a barracks not employ as cannon fodder for their children enrolled in the compulsory military service.
Still remain unanswered demands of the Russian side and other representatives of the international community aimed at the Ukrainian authorities to conduct an objective investigation of all cases of attacks on journalists and other attacks on civilians in the conflict zone, warns the text.
International organizations like the UN, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and national and international associations of journalists have condemned the string of crimes against media professionals by troops Kiev.
Meanwhile, the Presidential Council for Human Rights of Russia drafted a rule presupposes amendments to the press law to strengthen the safety of journalists in conflict zones.The initiative requires employers to provide reporters special equipment, additional insurance and give them the possibility of a specific preparation, in addition to saving your data in genetic record.