RT Reporter: I was not allowed to enter Ukraine “at war”

Ampuero stressed that Ukraine will attempt to inform (Photo Archive)

The journalist from Russia Today network, Mauricio Ampuero, who was expelled from Ukraine recently by the military government of Kiev after being accused of acting against national security, said that his expulsion is attached to political reasons because of the war in the country.
Ampuero related that when he was taken by the military to an office of an airport in Donetsk, one of the superiors stressed, “you expect you’re a journalist working on a Russian channel, you will not let go. Ukraine is at war. ”
“The implication of journalists is uncomfortable for some governments. When this truth is not convenient for some governments this is what happens, should not journalists and children continue to die in wars,” said Ampuero referring to the crisis in the country information .
In an exclusive interview to RT teleSUR journalist emphasized that the military never found convincing arguments, as understood by him, to deny him entry into the country, for he was doing his job as a correspondent: report for Latin America.
“Self-censorship does not exist for a journalist by profession. The point is to define how we will clearly take risks and if I’m willing to re-enter Ukraine to publicize the hispanosparlantes what happens in Ukraine (…) the information is not government, it is the citizens’ , he said.
He regretted that the situation in Ukraine will follow the path of aggression and war, and not look for the course of the dialogue, a negotiated deserving citizens.”They deserve effective from the dialogue specifically in negotiations (…) unfortunately we journalists are becoming the news and not the idea, we will only report. Editorial Beyond lines of each channel.”