Daily Archives: 29 junio, 2014

UN warns of serious violence in Iraq and calls for protecting civilians


Ban Ki-Moon expressed concern over the increase in reports of human rights violations, including “summary executions of soldiers and detainees, indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and the kidnapping and murder of ethnic and religious communities,” referring EIIL the terrorist group.

He died in Donetsk Russian cameraman of the Ukrainian Army after attack


According to the head of the press center of the People’s Republic of Donetsk, Klavdia Kulbatskaya, the cameraman was wounded in the abdomen and later died, Ria Novosti reported.

More than 5000 Syrians killed in fighting between insurgents


Several organizations in the Middle East called for a ceasefire to mark the month of Ramadan; religious custom practiced by the followers of Islam worldwide.

Donetsk complaint etching Army of Ukraine


The governor of the People’s Republic of Donetsk reported that the Ukrainian Army attacked with chemical self-defense groups in the village Semiónovka near Slaviansk weapons. He said there are two soldiers seriously injured by phosphorus poisoning.

Flooding forced the evacuation of about 13 thousand people in Argentina


The provinces of Formosa and Misiones, situated in the northeast of the country, were by far the most affected due to increased flow in Paraguay and Uruguay rivers, although the situation started to worsen in Corrientes, Entre Rios and Chaco, located more south.

Expectations in presidential inauguration in Panama


This July the first inauguration of President-elect will take Panama. Activities will begin at 07H00 local with the choice of the new term in the National Assembly, the imposition of the presidential sash and closed with a popular holiday for guests.

Are hidden in the Mayan calendar cycle


Upon reconstruction, the historian found that the period was associated with the ritual of “fire drill” (joch ‘k’ahk’), ie, generating frictional heat of a ritual dedicated to god possum or opossum.

Boko Haram terrorist group attacked churches in Nigeria


Boko Haram continues spreading terror in Nigeria. This Sunday, Islamic terrorists struck at least three churches in two cities northwest of Nigeria, killing dozens of deaths, but has not yet established an official figure. The attackers arrived on motorcycles and attacked churches in the middle of church services.

Celebration by pass to the quarterfinals Colombia left 34 injured


Although eight deaths were reported in the Colombian capital; could not confirm if the celebrations are related to the successes achieved by the national team in the World Cup.

Russia supports Iraqi offensive against jihadists EIIL


The fighters will be stationed at an air base in the south. Earlier this week, Iraqi Prime Minister announced that he had ordered the acquisition of aircraft from Russia and Belarus in order to fight the terrorist movement.