Daily Archives: 26 junio, 2014

Four OSCE observers were released in Donetsk


According to the Ukrainian authorities, the first four members of the OSCE mission in Donetsk were held last May 26 are free. Of the remaining group’s whereabouts is unknown, although a spokesman for the European organization said they are safe and sound.

Venezuela will flower stage for closing concert Guitar Festival


The decommissioning program includes presentations guitarist Renny LaGamma Yaracuy and Caracas Luis Quintero who delighted the audience with several issues of Venezuelan merger.

Americans can protest abortion without limitations


A senior U.S. court struck down a Massachusetts law that prevented protests in clinical centers around practicing abortion. The judge’s decision defended free demonstrations on any area without limitations.

President of the Colombian Senate: our greatest achievement has been to seek peace


The outgoing president of the Colombian Senate, Juan Fernando Cristo, said the most significant contribution of this Legislature was to deliver for the country to open doors to peace, this in reference to negotiations between the government and FARC seeking to end the conflict armed.

Cameroon eliminated 15 members of Boko Haram


The government of that country a thousand officers deployed on the border with Nigeria in late May; in response to neighbor complaints of maintaining a passive attitude to the terrorist organization country.

In numbers: So the Latino electorate will be distributed to U.S. legislative


The number of Latinos who exercise their right to vote in America represents a large increase Hispanic participation in the elections of 2010.

WHO calls “drastic measures” against Ebola outbreak in West Africa


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded 635 cases, including 399 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since the outbreak was detected last February.

Infant mortality in Afghanistan is 30%


Assistance Mission to the United Nations in Afghanistan (UNAMA for its acronym in English) reported that there is a 30 percent increase in the balance of children who die in armed clashes in the country.

Cuba pays tribute to Pedro Vargas International Festival of Boleros


Mexican singer and actor Pedro Vargas will be honored on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, under the 25th International Festival of Boleros held in Havana. Among the commemorative activities are artistic galas and presentation of a book entitled “Pedro Vargas: 100 Years of Music”.

Denounce the UN extreme violence against women and girls


For UN Women violence of terrorist and extremist groups that lurks thousands daily has grown alongside impunity. Stresses that 20 years of fighting violence have only served to claim the status of women, but not to enforce their rights.