Daily Archives: 24 junio, 2014

Germany and Jordan jihadist willing to stop progress in Iraq


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday a meeting in Berlin (capital) with the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, which emphasized its willingness to assist in stabilizing the region.

Watch Bolivian turns left in the villages claiming


The new watch part of the initiative dubbed “watches South” and look at the top of the legislative to present the political change that now lives the Andean nation. The idea is to educate people about the identity of the Latin American left.

Ukraine warned it could end the truce after attack


Ukraine continues to report major clashes between the Federalists and the army troops. A few days ago, President Porochenko Petro proposed a peace plan that had not, at first, with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Colombia thrashed Japan 4-1 and will face Uruguay in the round of final


The Colombian national team on Tuesday defeated Japan and nine points, a figure achieved for the first time in the first round of the World Cup, while Japan was eliminated with just one unit. Colombia will face Saturday against Uruguay.

Panamanian Attorney ruling that suspended asylum to Hurtado retired


The document was sent to the Supreme Court Justice who has within two days to submit a reply to the lawyers of the former head of the DAS, and 10 days to determine whether to approve the request. Thus, María del Pilar Hurtado may continue under political protection.

Honduran migrant hostels Commission will visit children in the U.S.


The team, led by the first lady, Ana Garcia Hernandez, advocate in the U.S. because migrating juvenile detainees reunite with their parents, and if they reside in the U.S. under the Temporary Protected Status is granted citizenship.

First U.S. military advisers are already in Iraq


U.S. President Barack Obama announced in recent days that assessed the objectives to carry out terrorist actions against the wave of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

Venezuela UN recognizes achievements in the social field


The diplomatic representation of Ecuador to the UN read a document of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) which recognizes the efforts of Venezuela in social matters and partnership programs between countries.

Government Varela begin July 1 with new cabinet


Panama’s President-elect will take office on July 1, the date on which work will also make its new executive cabinet. Varela made drastic changes to its executive board to solve the problems facing the Panamanians.

Keep discussion to fix the legal status of Juan Carlos I


MPs opposed to the monarchy in Spain regretted that the Popular Party (PP) insists on giving the greatest assurances to the royal family. Criticized the way, so fast, that they have conducted discussions to determine among other things the legal status of Juan Carlos I.