Daily Archives: 19 junio, 2014

Honduras granted day off during second game of choice in Brazil 2014


The decree benefits some public employees; you can see the match against Ecuador and support the national team during the second day of the group stage; continues developing.

Chile Terrorism Act shall not apply to indigenous Mapuche


Chile’s government pledged on Thursday to the UN not to apply the Terrorism Act to the Mapuche Indians, and revealed that the law “is still under consideration with a view to revision in the light of international standards.”

Ban Ki-moon condemns attack that left 50 dead in Syria


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the indiscriminate use of any weapons against civilians recalling that contravenes international humanitarian law, and made a new appeal to the parties in Syria to end the violence.

Doubles Luis Suarez collapses England


The Uruguayan side dominated most of the match and took Luis Suárez regarding offensive team; English whose goals complicate chances of qualifying for the next round.

Pacific Alliance seeks a rapprochement with Mercosur


The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, said last May that “We looked at the relationship that I can (have) with Mercosur” Pacific Alliance, the trade bloc Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Waters of the Paraguay river flooded several areas in Asuncion


For the first time the river reached swept central Asuncion as Sanjonia and left more than 41,000 affected families. An official report said the river level is at 6.50 meters from Tuesday, but forecasters said the water will reach 7 meters.

Puerto Ricans continue to struggle for decolonization


For over 100 years, the Puerto Rican people have been subjected to unfair U.S. intervention. Puerto Ricans do not enjoy sovereignty as Cuba and for decades have been obliged to abide by any call of the U.S. government.

Bolivia: This Friday registration period expires in voter registration


The next general elections scheduled for October 12 this year, will be performed for the first time in the history of Bolivia with a biometric pattern that will help make the process faster and more effective.

Santos Ortega: The triumph is urgent path to unity and peace


Through a statement entitled “brother president”, the president of Nicaragua Santos congratulated on his victory and wished him success in the peace negotiations with the FARC. He recalled that the mandate represents the way forward toward unity and harmony in Colombia.

The remains of 17 missing soldiers in Alaska in 1952


Official sources detailing the discovery of the aircraft where they were held for two years; however; Search human traces proved impossible due to adverse weather conditions.