Daily Archives: 17 junio, 2014

Naples opened its first urban garden in honor of Hugo Chavez


For political ties between Latin America and the Caribbean and the struggle that always initiated the leader of the revolution in Venezuela, social activists of Naples (southern Italy) called their first urban garden with the name of Hugo Chavez.

Ecuador Chancellor announces date of the next conference with Julian Assange


Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said the Wikileaks founder will serve two years of having entered the country’s embassy in London (English capital). Assange has not been able to enter as asylee in Ecuador by unwillingness of European authorities.

Ten years after the first U.S. drone attack in Pakistan


Their attacks provoked a Pakistani military invasion of South Waziristan in March 2004, but President Musharraf was forced to make a peace agreement with the guerrillas in a matter of weeks after suffering heavier than expected losses.

Ecuador denounces Chveron environmental disaster in France


The lead attorney for the victims of Chevron-Texaco case, Pablo Fajardo, said the environmental damage the oil company did to the Ecuadorian Amazon, have been one of the largest in the world.

Brazil and Mexico drew 0-0 electrifying party


Mexico proved to be a worthy rival to Brazil one of the favorites in the competition. The party marked the development of the azteco brilliant goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who covered their countless Brazilian avoid antics putting on the net.

Vatican house concert Venezuelan Orchestra System


From Rome, the founder of the system representing 450 children and youth, the maestro José Antonio Abreu, organized the concert with the Holy See, why he met with Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin Italy, who highlighted its work to educate through music.

UNESCO declared endangered Cerro Rico de Potosi Bolivia


The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations cultural body said that mining is causing a degradation of the historic silver reserve, and no law enforcement protection and conservation. It is at risk of collapsing.

Research shows genetic link with attitude toward gambling


Scientists at the University of Berkeley in the United States conducted a study showed the important role played by genetics in the attitude toward gambling.

Parlatino backup greets G77 + China to Venezuelan democracy


For the Latin American Parliament, the G77 plus China Summit is an example of the great changes that are affecting developing countries worldwide.

Security Council calls for investigation into death of Russian journalists Lugansk


Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the killing of Russian journalists has again demonstrated “the criminal nature of the forces holding the punitive operation in eastern Ukraine, which continues to claim lives of civilians.”