Daily Archives: 16 junio, 2014

IMF suggests U.S. implement more measures against poverty


United States has a poverty rate above 15 percent, five years after the crisis, a problem that affects nearly 50 million people. According to the IMF, create more jobs and increase the minimum wage rate “low” when compared to other countries.

Latin American groups at choir festival in Havana


According to the organizing committee, during the XI International Choral Festival of Havana will pay tribute to Cuban musician Leo Brouwer, Carlos Fariñas, Frank Guido López Fernández and the “Hawk”.

Mexican orphanage children rescued after allegations of sexual abuse


The younger group was rescued from an orphanage in Mexico City last Sunday, during an operation conducted by the Attorney General of the State (PGJ). The teenagers were in temporary custody in the State System.

Brazil supports candidacy of Angola to the UN Security Council


The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, expressed support for his counterpart in Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, who is running a seat in the Security Council of the UN. Both leaders took the opportunity to sign various agreements binational interest.

Santos: Exploratory peace process with the ELN is confidential


“Right now negotiate with the ELN points. Stage It’s a secret. We will not comment on where or when” until they are taken “the items on the agenda,” the re-elected president of Colombia.

ECLAC highlights the progress of the Bolivian economy


During his visit to Bolivia, the executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Barcena said that the Andean country has the highest per person international reserves in the region, a low public debt and performance its very prudent macroeconomics.

Santos kept Colombia’s foreign policy agenda after election


After being passed by the Uribe Zuluaga in the first round of elections, Santos, candidate of National Unity, allied with the left wing and the second on Sunday to victory with 50.95 percent of the vote to 45.00 percent of its rival.

In Key: The successes of Juan Manuel Santos for reelection in Colombia


Political experts claimed that the re-elected president of Colombia took advantage of the progress that has won in the Dialogues of Peace held in Havana with the FARC to capture the votes of the Colombians, who see this as a light at the end of war.

Ecuador seeks to legally ensure the information values


According to the president of the Council for the Regulation and Development of Information and Communication of Ecuador (Cordicom), Patricio Barriga, the media should promote equality, truth, change and discrimination that persists to date in the nation South American.

Nigeria equalized Iran judicious goalless match


In a surprise duel, the “Flying Eagles” began with an advantage in search of the three points. But Iran was instrumental technique and snatched the lead, despite coming as favorites, after obtaining the last edition of the African Cup in 2013.