Daily Archives: 15 junio, 2014

Russia and Ukraine negotiations resume gas supply


The nation headed by Poroshenko has a debt of close to two billion U.S. dollars with Russia’s main energy company; to proceed with gas supplies to Ukraine so prepaid.

So Santos was presented for reelection in Colombia


teleSUR has the profile that made the president-elect of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos to run for reelection. “Today I present as a candidate for re-election and I feel I am a new person,” is one of the excerpts from the text.

Latin American leaders congratulate Santos for election victory


The presidents of Peru and El Salvador were the first to rule over the social network behind the irreversible triumph of Santos in Colombia. Did the same Chancellor Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, on behalf of his country.

The OAS denies risk of electoral fraud in Colombia


A group of OAS observers toured several regions and findings rule out threats of fraud or irregularities before the election.

Chikungunya Virus continues to expand Caribbean


The chikungunya virus continues to expand throughout the Caribbean Islands. Until last Friday, the number of reported cases is around 70 000, including 13 deaths. In countries where the virus has not appeared, local authorities are on alert.

Zuluaga Santos recognizes victory in Colombian elections


During his campaign made a strong criticism of the current peace process with the FARC and defiendió a return to security policies and the fight against insurgent groups that characterized the previous government of Uribe.

France thrashed 3-0 Honduras with strong


Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema signed a double against a Central American group that had no capacity to generate at the opponent’s bow and was forced to keep the defense.

Iraq about to declare a state of emergency to advance jihadist


The terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, close to Al Qaeda, has taken control of important cities, including Mosul, Al-Dujail and two locations in Diyala, while continuing their advance towards the capital, Baghdad. On the way, he has left a trail of terrorist attacks and kidnappings.

Pope Francisco visit Albania in September


Sources close to the head of the Catholic Church said the Pope wanted to make his first official visit to a European nation marked by social and religious persecution.

Santos leads preliminary results in Colombia


Elections in Colombia have been described as the most competitive in the last 20 years, which have revolved almost exclusively around the peace process with the insurgents.