Daily Archives: 14 junio, 2014

Aetius Neves is proclaimed presidential candidate by Brazilian Social


The current senator and former governor of Mina Gerais listed as second in voting intention; behind the current President Dilma Rousseff, who will face in the general elections of October 5.

José Mujica in Bolivia: “One day our flags shall be one”


So said the Uruguayan leader upon arrival to Bolivia to participate in the summit of the G77 + China. Mujica was greeted by Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, besides Runtime Bolivian ministers, Claudia Peña and Communication, Amanda Davila.

In Pictures: G77 + China raises its voice in protest against the imperial intervention in Venezuela


In a pre-summit of the G77 + China meeting, the leaders and representatives of the countries that make up the group rejected the intervention of the imperial power in Venezuela and the siege against President Nicolas Maduro.

Costa Rica makes history and defeat Uruguay 3-1


The team led by Colombian Jorge Luis Pinto’s defense managed to keep the job and take the ball stopped to trace the initial both Edinson Cavani; who opened the scoring from the twelve steps.

At least 10 dead in shipwreck leaves immigrants face off Libya


The bodies of Italian rescue 39 castaways were rescued alive and 10 have been found dead, including seven women.

They opened the exhibition “by Mafalda Quino” at the Museum of Humor in Buenos Aires


Cartoonist, celebrating 60 years with the graph, accompanied him and his colleagues Carlos Sendra Garaycochea. The space can be visited until 31 October.

Physical Spaniards manage errors in a quantum bit


This quantum 7-qubit register could be used as the main building block of a quantum computer to correct any errors. The results have been published in the journal Science.

Use high protection sunscreen does not prevent skin cancer


An investigation whose conclusions are picked up by the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’, shows that the long-term damage from ultraviolet rays can not stop using sunscreen, even though the highest protection cream recourse.

Russians protest assault on its embassy in Kiev


About 200 people demonstrated peacefully in front of the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow, to protest the violence to the Russian legation in Kiev and the policy of aggression by the authorities of that country. Activists vociferous slogans in support of Donbass, Ukraine attacked militarily by region.

ISIS militants control most Iraqi oil refinery


The jihadists have arrived at the refinery on Friday and took over the facility. The refinery “is intact and continues to operate under the command of the militia” as They reported Kurdish media.