Daily Archives: 12 junio, 2014

Rousseff entertains Ban Ki-moon and Latin American leaders


The president of Brazil held a lunch with Latin American leaders and prior to the opening of the World Cup in Brazil foreign leaders. The meeting was also attended by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the President of FIFA, Joseph Blatter.

World Poetry Festival brings together 18 foreign poets in Venezuela


Some of these poets will participate Sunday in a recital at the headquarters of the Mountain in honor of Hugo Chavez. While the right burning books, the government creates poetry, “the Venezuelan Minister of Culture, Fidel Barbarito.

Chile maritime dispute disavow if challenged jurisdiction of the ICJ


Bolivia Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera warned that Chile intends to challenge the intervention of the Court of The Hague in the maritime claim contesting, “would mean that the Chilean State and unknown standing outside international law.”

Russia sent a new UN resolution on Ukraine


Moscow presented the resolution to the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, the text states that the cessation of violence must begin to “punitive operation” against popular Federalists. The Security Council will evaluate the document body.

Debate in the U.S. on demand for vulture funds to Argentina


The Argentine government expects the U.S. court rules against vulture funds, otherwise, the South American nation would suffer serious economic consequences.

Santos predicts win over Zuluaga by 10 points in second round


Juan Manuel Santos has in recent days received the support of several political organizations and the business sector and education. Santos the audacity to invite his electoral opponent, Oscar Zuluaga, to work with him in his second term was taken.

Phrases that surrounded the opening of the World Cup (+ photos)


Then, a directory with the most relevant sentences that leaves the start of the World. Many of the characters are released words to remember.

Ivory Coast president will be tried for crimes against humanity


The hall has confirmed “by most four counts of crimes against humanity (murder, rape, and other inhumane acts, a subsidiary of attempted murder and persecution) against Gbagbo and has referred to trial before a Trial Chamber” .

Robot surgeon makes history in Argentina


The most advanced surgical apparatus in the world is named after the Italian inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It is used by the United Robotics team from Italian Hospital of Argentina’s capital, under the supervision of health professionals.

UN Security Council to endorse jihadist Iraq offensive


The group urged the authorities to maintain the respect for international law and human rights in their efforts to stop the radical militia linked to al Qaeda.