Daily Archives: 10 junio, 2014

Advance nuclear negotiations between Iran and U.S.


Over a two-day meeting, Iranian and U.S. officials described as positive nuclear negotiations that advance both Government on the controversial nuclear program involving the Group 5 +1 (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany ).

They call jihadi emergency decree taken in the Iraqi city Mosul


One of these Sunni militias, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – commonly abbreviated as ISIS or ISIL, which also operates in Syria, has taken control of the region forcing the military to withdraw from their positions.

Campaign for Afghan presidential runoff in final stage


The candidate supported by heroes of the resistance against the Soviets, Ashraf Ghani, promises to appear on the ballot with the proposed creation of jobs, new security policies and helps rural sectors. Abdullah hopes reaffirm his triumph and win the presidency.

Victims want to be part of peace talks with ELN


On Saturday, the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) set 10 principles that will guide the discussion of the victims of the armed conflict that has more than half a century in the South American country.

Counterterrorism insist on seeking solution to case of the Five


They recalled that they stopped and subjected to a process in Miami (USA) in which “Cuba is punished in the person of the five of us” and today it despite “much effort is put an end to this injustice “.

South Sudan will form national unity government


After starting a new round of negotiations, President Salva Kiir and the rebel leader Reik Machar seek a final solution to bring peace to the African nation, after breaking several ceasefire agreements.

Argentinos evaluate consequences of vulture funds World Bank


The Argentina delegation spoke with officials from the World Bank (WB) on the implications Argentina if the lower courts of New York (northwestern U.S.) fail against vulture funds.

Honduran unite against gender violence


To decrease the number of females affected by gender violence in Honduras, a group of women committed to reviewing security policies of the State and achieve inclusion of municipal safety plans nationwide.

Apple might be involved in new tax evasion


This scandal is not the only type that would be involved in the famous brand of apple. Last year, a U.S. research found that the known apple company had reduced several billion taxes.

Japanese referee to open the World 2014


The referee Yuichi Nishimura will be appointed for the opening match of the World Cup 2014 along with two other Japanese referee and an Iranian.