José Mujica sees necessary to strengthen energy integration in South America
President Jose Mujica, called improve energy integration in South America. (Photo: Reuters).

President of Uruguay, José “Pepe” Mujica, called Monday to add more efforts to strengthen energy integration in South America.
Speaking at the Second Extraordinary Session of the Parliament of the Common Market of the South (Parlasur) tenth, Mujica said that countries in the region must join forces to achieve a power system with the latest technology.
“South America has to have an interconnected power system everywhere, bigger and better intercom system, the lower the costs for states,” said the Uruguayan dignitary.

He regretted that there are private groups that are dedicated to profit from the resources of people so far. “If our energy systems do not have glasses of communication we are doomed to be victims of big business in the region,” said Mujica.
Earlier, the Uruguayan president filed Parlasur deepwater project that plans to build southeast of Uruguay, which seeks to create a multi-platform output and input trade in the countries of the region to Europe and Africa .