Bolivia almost ready to receive delegations G77 Summit
President Evo Morales, inspected the preparations Fexpocruz (Photo: ABI)

About 90 percent advance logistics activities to welcome the delegations to the Summit Group of 77 developing countries and China (G77) in the city of Santa Cruz between 14 and 15 June.
The Director of State Protocol and Ceremony, Fernando Huanacuni reported that is almost completed work on the premises of the Exhibition Fair in Santa Cruz (Fexpocruz) for participants arrive.
Huanacuni explained that only need to prepare 10 meeting arranged for the main activities of the appointment, as well as complex sound arrangements that culminate in the coming days “are in the process of advancing time wise considering deadlines salons” .
The plenary hall will host representatives from 133 member nations, about 600 people, so be prepared with reinforced instruments. It will feature two VIP rooms for 100 people, each for meetings prior presidents. The final phase will put the airport, accommodation and catering.
South Cooperation in the world
The group of developing countries it is trying to replace the successful business of international cooperation, which dwindled after the division between rich and poor, and proposed a new design development for the southern region, experts suggest.
It was launched on June 15 in Geneva, Switzerland in 1964, the day of celebration of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.At the time he wrote his first and final statement delineated This new order of international cooperation from disadvantaged countries.