Bachelet decreed disaster area south of Chile by rain
For several days, heavy rains have caused waterlogging and flooding in southern Chile. (Photo: Reuters).

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, said Monday several sectors disaster area located south of the country. The announcement comes at the time of heavy rains that have plagued this population for several days.
The government declared an emergency zone in Osorno, Llanquihue and Chiloé, southern provinces where so far the highest number of recorded encumbrances.
Also, about 14 communities in the Araucanía (south), were also enacted in a state of agricultural emergency, after lots of food crops that may be affected by the rains.
According to the latest report of the National Emergency Office (Onemi), the rains have left so far affected more than 600 thousand people and 12 thousand 529 other isolated by flooding and disruption to roads and highways.
Meanwhile, the Chilean government enabled temporary shelters south of the country to serve those affected by rains. operational prevention and social security also deployed to prevent further damage during the storm.