Daily Archives: 9 junio, 2014

Santos highlights achievements of his administration in the face runoff in Colombia


In general, the candidate for reelection published the figures given for the different areas, and compared with the amount awarded to the president that precedes it. Santos wanted to make clear that less money is made much more progress.

UN condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan


In addition to the attack on the airport, which left at least 29 dead, 25 others were killed in at least the suicide attack by the Taliban in Taftan (Balochistan) against Shiite pilgrims.

José Mujica sees necessary to strengthen energy integration in South America


Speaking at the Second Extraordinary Session of the Tenth Parlasur, President Mujica said the biggest challenge facing Mercosur is to big capitalists who for years have taken over the natural resources of the peoples of the south.

BRICS Summit will be held on July 15 in Brazil


The presidents of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff; Russia, Vladimir Putin; China, Xi Jinping; South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, should take advantage of the event to give the nod to the creation of the bank building BRICS and a reserve fund.

Friends of Cuba in Lebanon solidarity with the Five


Lebanese and Palestinian friends called freedom and asked Cuba banners demanded justice with the remaining three. They delivered a manifesto of solidarity with the global “Five Days for the Five” to the United Nations.

Vulture Funds: Argentine Legislators talk with Jacobson in the U.S.


The parliamentary delegation reaffirm its position to the Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs U.S., Roberta Jacobson, for if the average in the Supreme Court proceedings, Argentina must pay a huge sum to the bondholders under conditions.

Panama declares not asylum to former head cancellation Colombian security


The Foreign Minister of Colombia reported that under the circumstances “nothing has changed about that because there is a decision of the Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional Panama asylum.”

Bachelet decreed disaster area south of Chile by rain


Heavy rains continue to plague the central and southern Chile, remain alert to the authorities of that country. In fact, the Government hablitó temporary shelters and special operations to prevent further damage during the calendar event.

Bridge of Arts in Paris gives weight to locks of love


The collapse of about 2.4 meters from the rail mesh, which is preferred in the city for placing padlocks popular place for lovers, but caused no injuries forced the police to close the passage over the bridge for a few hours.

Bolivia almost ready to receive delegations G77 Summit


The direction of the State Protocol and Ceremony, reported that only needed 10 meeting preparing for the main activities of the appointment, as well as complex arrangements of sound that will culminate in the coming days, and acondcionamiento airport and accommodation.