Daily Archives: 8 junio, 2014

They reveal key report on the remains of Miguel de Cervantes


In Madrid, capital of Spain, the inspection would have been buried where Miguel de Cervantes 398 years ago to find her grave was made.

Evidence of the alleged bribery of Qatar to host the 2022 World


FIFA must deliver on Monday a report on the selection process of the country to host the tournament; amid controversy sparked by a British media that claims to have strong evidence of irregularities in the election.

Airport attack leaves at least 17 dead in Pakistan


A group of four to ten armed men entered the international airport in Karachi, southern Pakistan, killing at least 17 dead. Security forces of the Army, Police and Rangers managed to evacuate the facility personnel to safe areas.

Israel legally approve active euthanasia


Israel legally authorize active euthanasia in that country after approving a bill known as “Death by prescription.” According to the text, those diagnosed with less than six months are entitled to request a drug that results in death.

Day for Five U.S. includes meeting with parliamentarians


Legislators from several nations will attend the meeting to join many voices calling for the Obama administration’s release of the three counterterrorism who remain in prison since 1998.

Human chain for self-determination of the Basque Country


Nationalist parties in the region insist on the formation of an independent government of the Spanish administration since ETA decided to abandon the armed actions in 2011.

Subway workers strike in Sao Paulo despite court ruling


Subway workers Sao Paulo maintain the strike despite a ruling by the labor court which declared the strike illegal and issued heavy fines for not resuming work.

Free two Russian journalists detained in Ukraine


According to the National Guard journalists Andrei Sushenkov and Anton Malyshev were arrested under the suspicion that “watched and were gathering information about the organization of the service control point” and were delivered to the Security Service of Ukraine.

Over 3000 Rains 600 victims in Chile


A rainstorm in Chile so far has left the balance of three thousand 619 victims, while 522 other nine thousand people remain isolated by flooding and disruption to roads.

Evo Morales launches campaign for third term

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) convened on October 12 election in which president, vice president, 34 senators and 130 deputies, of which 63 are elected by direct vote of equal number of constituencies spread across the country will be chosen .