Santos and Zuluaga expand their differences campaigning on peace process
The president-candidate seeking re-election with flag of peace with the FARC. (Photo Archive)

The two candidates for the presidency of Colombia on Saturday extended their differences over the peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in the penultimate day of public campaign for the runoff election June 15.
The roadmap announced in Havana by the delegates of the government and the FARC to negotiate the issue related to victims of armed conflict, one of the key issues of the peace process, captured the statements of both candidates.
The president-candidate Juan Manuel Santos visited the cities of Monteria and Sincelejo, end of day and night in Cartagena where the definition of the principles governing the debate on conflict victims considered “historic”, as well as mechanisms to expedite the peace process in the Cuban capital, launched in November 2012.
“This is a historic and decisive for the future of peace made the agreement of the negotiating table in Cuba that will allow a commission of victims go to demand their rights and justice,” Santos said in Monteria.
“Progress on the recognition and treatment for victims and expedite the peace process is great news!” Santos also said in a message on his Twitter account.However, his opponent in the second round, Óscar Iván Zuluaga, the, strong critic of the way the Government has handled the peace process, Uribe movement Centro Democratic expressed skepticism about the step taken to move towards agreement on victims negotiations just a week of the second round.
“The FARC have always deceived the country and it is unfortunate that a president seeks reelection having as their great ally to the main perpetrators, the main drug cartel and a terrorist group,” Zuluaga said at a campaign event in Pitalito in Huila (south).
The campaign public square will close on Sunday, a week before the second round.