Nicolas Maduro promised to eradicate poverty Venezuela
Venezuelan President announced a plan to achieve the goal before the end of his term. (Photo Archive)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro promised Saturday eradicate poverty in his country in 2018, a year before the end of the presidential term from 2013 to 2019 for which he was elected in April last year.
“The year 2018 will have the happiness to say that we have achieved zero in Venezuela misery goal,” the president said.
Exolicó this will be carried out “by means of assistance of the great missions and social programs” that achieved the same general poverty down during the Bolivarian Revolution.
In the last fifteen years, according to international organizations, Venezuela has been able to halve that kind of deficit.
Maduro announced Saturday a plan to coordinate state assistance in areas of poverty and set a deadline of 90 days to be built and become operational headquarters responsible for such coordination.
The plan will reach 500 thousand points of 255 parishes in the country which should be installed in three months. “We’ll set something like 500 thousand parts of the country where poverty and the worst poverty is concentrated,” he stated.
He asked the whole country “maximum cooperation to consolidate” this plan. “That is not going to come right now to sabotage, burn or try to prevent the Bases of Social Missions are installed.”